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So you’ve said yes! How exciting! Now comes the fun part of organising, coordinating and bringing everything together for your big day! However, the planning aspect of your wedding can quickly become quite overwhelming especially when it comes to deciding on decor, venues, the food, the guest list and a theme to say the least. It might even leave you feeling exhausted and you haven’t even chosen a dress yet. 

Wedding dress shopping on the other hand should be a fun and special moment for any bride-to-be. We recommend trying on a few different dresses even if the first one you try on is THE dress. Oftentimes brides end up finding a few different options that they love and have difficulty picking out the one for the big day.

So we’ve come up with 6 tips to help you choose your top contending wedding dresses.

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1. Ask your friends and family

When you try each dress on review the fit, feel, and style. Take photos in different poses and lighting so you review them at a later time. If you’re still undecided reach out to family and friends whose opinions you trust to give you feedback. Hopefully, you’ll have a clearer idea.

2. Ask an expert

If you’re still conflicted, ask the experts. The shop assistant sees countless brides-to-be pass through the boutique every week and will be able to offer you plenty of helpful tips and tricks in your wedding dress choice. 

3. Trust your instinct

Listen to the feeling in your gut. If your stomach drops or you have even the slightest doubt – that might not be the dress for you. However, in the moment with so many dresses being presented to you, your judgment might feel a little clouded. Take some time to ponder over the right style and fit for you. You can always come back try them on again.

4. Go through the benefits and drawbacks of each dress

You’ll want to identify the pros and cons of each dress and style. Some questions you can ask yourself are:

  • Do you feel comfortable? 
  • Do you feel beautiful? 
  • Does the dress match the theme of your wedding? 
  • Is the dress appropriate for the weather at the time of your wedding? For example, will you need long sleeves for a Winter wedding or perhaps no sleeves for a wedding in the Spring?
  • Are you after a dress à la mode or a timeless piece?

5. Review each style and look into the future

Perhaps you might like to return to the boutique to try on each style again. This time go on your own and sit with your thoughts. Ask yourself if in five, ten, twenty years if you’ll be able to look back on your special day and still love the dress. Do you see the style you choose as timeless?

6. Plan an outfit change

If after all these considerations you still can’t quite make up your mind, why not get two dresses? If your budget permits, you might consider a dress for the aisle and one for the reception. That way you get the best of both worlds!

We hope these tips will hopefully provide you with some clarity and make your wedding planning journey that little bit easier. If you want to take the day to shop around for some beautiful wedding dresses, then gather a few girlfriends and come on down to our Sunshine Coast boutique. Our team of experts will make sure you’re well taken care of with our range of labels to choose from. Book an appointment today or contact us to learn more. 

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